They call me Svenis


Although I’ve previously touched on other aspects of Namco’s Namja Town over in Ikebukuro inside Sunshine City, they’re known for not only being one of Japan’s largest indoor parks , but offering world-class cuisine; specifically, the gyoza (English speakers know them as “pot stickers”) in their Gyoza Stadium and a titantic variety of icecream at the mouthwatering Ice Cream City. They’re like two little “food theme parks”!

Gyoza Stadium features various gyoza dishes by a dozen restaurants, coupled with warm, old-fashioned aesthetics meant to evoke a retro 1950s Tokyo feel. They feature what feels like a countless variety of scrumptious gyoza.

For desert, the nearby Ice Cream City (located one floor above) has a equally massive selection of ice cream with flavors that range from “immediately mouthwatering” to “wait, WHAT?”. How does snake-flavored ice cream tickle your palate? Or maybe beef tongue-flavored gelato? Although the curry flavor does sound delicious…

I miss this place… 

I need to return back to Japan one day soon